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  • Ball - 52100 steel, heat treated, phosphate coated.
  • Race - 52100 steel, heat treated, single fracture, phosphate coated.
Unit of Measure



N/A Sealed

B - Ball Bore Max.

N/A 1.7500 in

B - Ball Bore Min.

N/A 1.7495 in

D - Outside Diameter Max.

N/A 2.8125 in

D - Outside Diameter Min.

N/A 2.8120 in

W - Ball Width Max.

N/A 1.531 in

W - Ball Width Min.

N/A 1.526 in

H - Race Width Max.

N/A 1.312 in

H - Race Width Min.

N/A 1.300 in

O - Ball Shoulder Diameter

N/A 1.996 in

C - Ball Chamfer Min.

N/A .024 in

M - Race Chamfer

N/A .039 in

a - Misalignment Angle

N/A 6 º

Radial Static Limit Load

N/A 114,648 lbs

Approximate Brg. Weight

N/A 1.41 lb

GEZ..ES Open & GEZ..ES-2RS Sealed Note

These loads are the maximum safe operating loads for stationary applications, and assumes a sufficiently rigid housing and shaft. The radial static load capacity provides a 1.5 factor of safety against static fracture.
Bearings should only be used as delivered for static applications. For dynamic applications, a lithium-based grease with EP and MOS2 additives is especially suitable. Lubricants of this type are recommended for operating temperatures between -40° F and + 250° F (-40° C and +121° C). For operating temperatures outside of this range, consult lubricant manufacturer.
Bearings should be adequately lubricated before installation, and relubricated at suitable intervals based on application demands. Demand factors include load and load direction, misalignment angle and frequency, ambient temperature and contamination level.