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  • Body - Low carbon steel, protective coated for corrosion resistance.
  • Ball - Alloy steel, heat treated, hard chrome plated.
  • Race - Low carbon steel, protective coated for corrosion resistance, PTFE Lined.
  • Left-hand threaded units have an identification groove near end of shank.
Unit of Measure


Thread Type

N/A Right Hand

Thread Configuration

N/A Female

B - Ball Bore

N/A 18.000 mm

W - Ball Width

N/A 23.00 mm

H - Head Width

N/A 16.25 mm

A - Base to Center

N/A 71.00 mm

D - Head Diameter

N/A 42.00 mm

K - Shank Diameter

N/A 31.00 mm

J - Wrench Flat Width

N/A 27.00 mm

Ball Diameter

N/A 31.75 mm

C - Thread Depth [mm]

N/A 36.00 mm

Thread Size

N/A M18 x 1.5

Thread Class

N/A -6H

a1 - Misalignment Angle Clevis Mounted

N/A 21 º

a3 - Misalignment Angle - Shoulder Bolt Mounted

N/A 31 º

a4 - Misalignment Angle - Pin Mounted

N/A 49 º

Ultimate Radial Static Load Capacity

N/A 41,303 N

Approximate Brg. Weight

N/A 300 g

MW-MT & MG-MT Note

N/A For dimensional tolerances of listed features, see the PDF version of the catalog under the "View Product Catalogs" tab from the home page.