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    Catalog bearings in a wide variety of styles and configurations, all manufactured under Aurora's strict quality control standards.  Special configurations can be designed and manufactured to suit customers unique requirements.

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    Rod End bearings not requiring SAE approval.  These rod ends are manufactured under the same quality and SPC systems as the SAE approved bearings.  Aurora Bearing Company has not sought approval for the rod ends in this section.  However, many of the rod ends have ben approved to individual customer specifications and or standards.

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    Products listed in this section are commonly, but not exclusively, used by the motorsport industry.  These bearings and rod ends are manufactured employing strict quality requirements, the same quality and SPC systems as the SAE approved bearings.

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    We offer fourteen standard lines that are presented in the following category. Please note that the bearings listed utilize AT 3200, Aurora's exclusive PTFE bearing liner qualified to SAE-AS81820 Type A. The bearings are manufactured to conform to the dimensions, materials and configurations of the appropriate individual SAE bearing specification. They are qualified and approved for procurement under these specifications. In addition, Aurora also has two standard lines of bearings in the general aviation field. Consult Aurora Bearing engineering for additional information.