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  • Ball - Alloy steel, heat treated, phosphate coated.
  • Race - Alloy steel, heat treated, single fracture, phosphate coated, PTFE lined.
Unit of Measure


B - Ball Bore Max.

N/A 110.000 mm

B - Ball Bore Min.

N/A 109.980 mm

D - Outside Diameter Max.

N/A 160.000 mm

D - Outside Diameter Min.

N/A 159.975 mm

W - Ball Width Max.

N/A 70.00 mm

W - Ball Width Min.

N/A 69.80 mm

H - Race Width Max.

N/A 55.00 mm

H - Race Width Min.

N/A 54.50 mm

O - Ball Shoulder Diameter

N/A 120.00 mm

C - Ball Chamfer Min.

N/A 1.00 mm

M - Race Chamfer

N/A 1.00 mm

a - Misalignment Angle

N/A 6 º

Radial Static Limit Load Capacity

N/A 3,080 kN

Approximate Brg. Weight

N/A 4,820 g

GE..ET-2RS Sealed Note

N/A Parts 140 mm and above have a double fracture race.
These loads are the maximum safe operating loads for stationary applications, and assumes a sufficiently rigid housing and shaft. The radial static load capacity provides a 1.5 factor of safety against static fracture.
Self lubricating PTFE liner.